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This is a personal decision that is impacted by a variety of factors, from your personal preferences to the stone you have chosen and your budget. Understanding how diamonds work, how cut impacts appearance and how the 4 C’s apply to diamonds can help you become an educated consumer and allow you to choose the right stone for your needs.
The cut of the diamond will impact its final appearance and the amount of brilliance it has; a large valuable stone can be damaged by poor cutting and lose some of its value, while a smaller stone cut by an expert can become more valuable.

The clearness, or clarity of a diamond matters as well; some cuts require a diamond to be near flawless, while a skillful cutter can hide some flaws in a specific cut.

The color of a diamond matters; a clear, color free stone is often preferred for engagement rings and other jewelry, while a fancy color diamond might make a show stopping pendant or cocktail ring.

The weight of the diamond impacts price and your final considerations as well; the larger a diamond is, the more expensive it will be. Some cuts can only be performed on larger stones, so matching the cut to the stone is essential as well.