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When one of our jewelers evaluates a diamond, he also determines which shape will best show off the unique qualities of that particular stone. Since diamonds are natural, no lab created, they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes; each one is unique. A specific diamond can be cut into any of the shapes below to showcase their best features and make the most of your investment.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

Also referred to as a “Square” or “Square Emerald Cut” diamond, this shape features cropped corners and is ideal for a flawless or near flawless stone. Since there is so much flat surface, any flaws will be obvious with this particular cut. Done correctly on a flawless stone, the Asscher cut is an impressive diamond indeed.

Brilliant Cut Diamonds

This faceted and highly reflective round cut is the one most of us think of when we think “engagement ring”. The Brilliant Cut features a cone shape to maximize light and brilliance; it also has over 50 precision cut facets to further enhance its sparkle and shine.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Sweet and relatively old fashioned, this is a heavily faceted cut popular in older pieces and still used today for some stones. The 58 facets are precision cut with candlelight in mind; the diamond is designed to be highly reflective, even in low light settings.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

For stones with breathtaking clarity and beauty, this cut takes advantage of the flat surface of square and rectangular diamonds. This is not quite as sparkling as some other cuts, but creates a large, impressive and crystal-clear shape that is both attractive and dramatic.

Heart Diamonds

This challenging cut is pure romance; and it takes a lot of skill on the part of the jeweler to get it just right. Ideally, both sides of the heart will be identical and perfectly symmetrical, with a distinctive point and multiple facets. Because of the precise nature of this shape, it is better suited to diamonds of at least a carat.

Marquise Diamonds

Another engagement ring classic, this is a boat shaped cut that requires both clarity and a good color tone to pull off well. When this shape is made, special emphasis is put on elongating the shape to make it look as large as possible. While this dramatically enhances the look, it also reveals any flaws, so diamonds with elevated levels of clarity are best for this shape.

Oval Diamonds

Sharing many features with the classic round shape, ovals are often requested as part of custom engagement sets or for a more distinctive look. This is also a flattering shape for small hands and can even make fingers look longer and more elegant than they truly are.

Pear Diamonds

Made with a similar technique and the same number of facets as a round cut, this less regular shape can be used to showcase a distinctive stone.

Princess Cut Diamonds

This dramatic square shape is another engagement ring classic. The square cut makes a diamond appear even larger than it is and can mask flaws as well. The four corners need to be protected with the right kind of setting to prevent damage or loss.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

Combining the style and beauty of a dramatic square cut with the brilliance of a round cut, this precision cut style requires extremes skill on the part of the cutter and can bring out the best in any stone.